Where and how to wear your bow tie

Bow ties have grown in popularity in modern society with men and women now choosing to wear a bow tie as a fashion accessory to replace the suit tie at events.

Although bow ties are becoming more popular to be worn at sport events, not many people are aware of the different occasions you can wear a bow tie to replace your suit tie.

A Wedding or formal Event

When it comes to music and food, weddings can be hit and miss. But forgetting the disastrous chicken dinner and awkwardness of your uncle’s dancing, weddings are a perfect opportunity to try wearing a bow tie.

Wedding attire is usually formal so there is no need to be worried about trying bow ties and looking overdressed, we suggest that you wear it to accessorise your favourite suit as it will make experimenting with your bow tie easier as you will already feel confident you look good.

At Work

Wearing a bow tie at work obviously depends on the type of job you have; if you have been in your position for a while you will probably know if you would be okay to wear a bow tie. Wearing a bow tie at the office can help you stand out from the office of “cliche” shirt and tie suits.

On a Date

If you are planning to taking your lovely lady on a date, now could be the perfect opportunity to wear your bow ties. Whether you’re going to the theatre or having a dinner date, a woman loves it when you can pull off a bow tie.

If your date doesn’t require suit attire wearing a sports jacket with your bow tie is definitely going to impress, if you are aiming to look casual wear your tie with just a button up shirt with a nice vest.

Church or Religious service

Nowadays people no longer wear formal clothes during church services. However it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bow tie.

To avoid looking too overdressed, wear a nice V-neck or button up sweater and throw over a shirt with your bow tie. If you are still nervous about wearing your bow tie at your local church, you can wait for more formal services such as Christmas and Easter.