Finishing Touches

As standard we use a plain lining fabric to finish your custom tie in a colour that complements the tie fabric. We do however offer the possibility to further customise your tie by adding your logo or name in the lining in a specified colour. Please contact us for more details.

Your tie will be supplied with a label that can be used to retain the tail of the tie during wearing. It is also possible to personalise the label weaving in a company name or similar. This option is popular for corporate gifts to provide a discreet reminder of where the gift was from, or for schools to provide space for a pupil’s name.

Presentation Boxes
As standard your custom made ties will be individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves, but we do offer a range of presentation wallets and boxes to further personalise your ties and scarves.

Examples of some of our Finishing Touches

  • label 1

    Label 1

  • label 2

    Label 2

  • tie presentation box 1

    Presentation Box 1

  • tie presentation box 2

    Presentation Box 2

  • rolled hem

    Rolled Hem

  • stitched hem

    Stitched Hem

  • tie lining 1

    Tie Lining 1

  • tie lining 2

    Tie Lining 2